Thursday, July 29, 2010

end of july. hmmm. half year is gone. hmmm.

oh man. i miss her so much eh =\ i wanna visit her again =\

adorable right? cant help myself from stop hugging her =X she is just so soft and she doesnt cry easily, that's the best part XD

life is tough? never ever say your life is so tough now and so, because you will never know if it will be tougher in future. life is so unpredictable. this moment you were laughing all from your heart but that moment you need to force yourself to laugh, pretend nothing has happened.

life goes on and on. when we go to different stage of life we change, we adapt and we learn to get used to it.

not going for pmo concert. i am sorry.

p.s. : sometimes being honest is no good.

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hehe :D
Monday, July 12, 2010

hehe :D back back :D

hmm. let me think what to update. my life has been not so interesting anymore since i go to college. lol. ULU~ i didnt join any clubs or societies. everyday my daily routine is to study sleep and eat. LOL.

in a sleepy state now. im on my way to bed after this XD

let see... i realised i have been not keeping in touch with my friends, my so called KL FRIENDS =X even though i come back every weekend, i didnt get to talk to some of them, especially those who i close to last time. i feel like going to yunyee's house to have party, go to suetping's or loong's house to chit chat and sampat sampat together :D

i just missed my class gathering =X how sad >< i wanted to go but i couldnt make it =\ i gotta stay at home to study. having two subjects of tests tomorrow. one more on thursday and one on friday. seriously, i can die soon =X

not to mention, i still have malaysian studies presentation on wednesday. LOL.

hmmm. the problem, i am already in my holiday mood >< AHHH!! i cant wait for my holiday. i wish my holiday can come faster. i want to meet with all my old friends. i just miss them so much =\

i will be your hope, i will be your wish
i will be everything you need :)

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college life :)
Thursday, June 3, 2010

hey everyone :) updating my blog in inti nilai using laptop.

different place, different feeling. even if you are doing the same thing.

took hard time to get used to college life. even now im not really used to it. feel like going back to past time, the moments i had in secondary school. though i have the freedom, i really have it now, if i have the chance to make a choice, i will choose to stay there. life is so much better with close friends, the friends that you know for ten years, or with family. a mother who will nag you to do the things you need to do, reminds you to take daily meals, cook all the meals, prepared everything for you.

well, if i want to compare, my situation is definitely better than others. at least i still can go back every weekend and most of my college friends, mostly they are from johor and perak. they usually stay in hostel on weekend, it takes about three hours for them to go back whereas me, i only take around 45 mins.

but still.. sigh. God, this is only beginning right?

hmm. take a look at the brighter side, i think i am now much better than last few weeks. i have laptop to online!! on facebook most of the time, spam my friend's wall let them know im still alive in this kampung kampung place. the feeling of being connected through the facebook is so good, it still feels like they are always be with me :D


Saturday, May 1, 2010


hmmm. time to update about the recent news of mine :)
life hasnt been easy for me since this year. there are so many troubles around me, make me so breathless =\ but walking with God, He makes everything easier for me. AT LEAST, i can go through all of them :)

why dont you chop my head off ? sigh. today i went to inti nilai to do registration with mama. oh man, there was traffic jam on the road of going to seremban and if we wanted to go nilai, we need to use the same road until dont-know-where. LOL. gosh. I WAS SO BORED =\

well, okayy. after the nilai toll, was feeling excited, cause cause cause KONG LAI YEE is going to study in college!! its like, WOW ~ XD we reached there, got the form to sign up and some procedures blah blah blah. here came the hard part, my mum and i were asking for some information about the hostel so that we could choose. WTH. we couldnt even choose. firstly, the girl told me, if you want double room with no air cond, you have to stay with an indian girl. i was like, NOOOOO!! =\ then i asked for single room so she checked for me. after a while, she told me, sorry, fulled~ OH MAN!! =\ SOOOO, i have only two choices, stay with the indian girl OR with the double room with air cond.

i have no choice, for you information. the air cond room is sooooo expensive and my mum's look was like asking me to take the cheaper room, which is staying with the indian girl. YOU SEE, what to do? i couldnt even choose ==

maybe, God doesnt want me to be racist. so He started it with an indian, then only malay. LOL. sometimes i really cant help to be a racist. what they did make me feel so angry with why on earth these people exist in my world. LOL. undeniable, part of them are nice. just like the indian i met during interview, she was really really nice. i dont mind staying her :D but, the number of them are so little =\ AHHHHHHHHH! =\

well, it is still a long way to go. maybe, things will work out, turn out quite good. hope so >< style="font-weight: bold;font-size:130%;">12th will be my orientation day, three days. they have activities every orientation day til 10pm. so i may not able to come back on friday =\ if they allowed me to skip then i can take the last section of the inti shuttle bus to come back. hope so =\

eleven more days left. few more minutes will be ten days. LOL. i think i should take picture with everyone :D

be my penguin, can you ? :D

p.s. : another phase of life. things are meant to be past will become past, you cant do anything to stop it.

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